Paris Texas Hardware
Ordering Tips
  • Include item number and finish code.
  • Custom cut pole lengths are available for no extra charge.
  • For custom pole cuts, note pole length to the nearest 1/4".
  • Treatments that require a span over 8' may be achieved by splicing two poles together.
  • Splicing screws are included with each pole ordered.
  • A center support bracket is recommended for pole lengths in excess of six feet. Poles without the proper support may sag over time.
  • 3-4 rings per foot of finished pole length or 6-7 rings per width of fabric are recommended as a rule of thumb.
  • Heavy draperies (weighing over 3 pounds per foot) should be installed using drapery pins instead of clips.
  • We recommend using a professional installer. The fasteners (screws and mollies) included may not be properly suited for the wall material. Paris Texas Hardware will not assume responsibility for improperly mounted hardware.
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