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How to Measure
  • Measure the window width from outside the casing edges. We recommend at least 2” to 4” per side for bracket placement, or finding wall studs on each side of the window in which to drill. Installing the brackets into wall studs is the safest and most secure installation. Refer to window illustration below.
  • If a window is in the corner make sure there is enough room to accommodate the finial.
  • Height of the bracket placement is determined by the finished drapery length and style. If the treatment is designed to be used with rings, be sure there is proper allowance for the drop of the ring. Refer to the ring illustrations below.
  • Click here to download the diagram.

Before you can choose which bracket, ring, and pole diameter to order, you must determine how much room you will have above and to the sides of your window.  Some brackets have tall backplates that may either look too large or may not fit into tight spaces.

Things to consider:

  • Does the bracket backplate fit between the top of your window and the ceiling?
  • At what height do you need the pole to be positioned?  Will this bracket accommodate your window installation design?
  • If you plan to use rings, what height does the top of your drapery panel need to reach?  Will your choice of bracket, ring and pole diameter accommodate your window treatment design?

The ring drip determines the height at which the top of the drapery panel will be installed, if using rings.  If not using rings, the pole should be installed at a height suitable for a drapery rod pocket or other type of drapery treatment.

We recommend using a professional installer to measure and install your drapery hardware treatments whenever possible.

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